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We invite you to sign up to receive updates from Western Leaders Network. Western Leaders Network links together like-minded local and tribal elected officials to amplify their voices across the Interior West on pressing conservation issues to obtain policies beneficial to our region and our constituents.

 Across the Interior West we face proposals for unfettered energy development, transfer of public lands, clean energy rollbacks, and undermining bedrock environmental laws. Local and tribal elected officials form a crucial bulwark against these attacks on conservation. State and federal decision-makers accord tremendous deference to the opinions and positions articulated by county commissioners, tribal council members, mayors, town councilors, electric coop and water district board members, and other local officials. Local and tribal governments also serve as incubators for innovation and applying new policy approaches for solving issues that face the West.

The mission of Western Leaders Network is to unite, support and cultivate pro-conservation local and tribal elected officials to protect western lands and build healthy, sustainable and resilient communities. Western Leaders Network brings together officials in the Interior West – Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona;

  • To establish a network of elected officials informed of and conversant about emerging western economic and conservation issues and effective public policy initiatives;
  • To make an impact at the local, state, tribal and national level on issues that affect our air, water, public health and public lands;
  • To promote initiatives that can help transition natural resource extraction-dependent communities to diversified, more resilient economies; and,
  • To cultivate a new generation of leaders for the West.

In addition to the benefits of connecting with other local and tribal pro-conservation officials across the West, Western Leaders Network provides opportunities for collective action on key policy debates, such as the recent letter we sent to Congress signed by 60 local officials urging protection of the federal methane rule. The Network will also provide both online and in-person resources such as webinars, workshops and summits that help make us better at what we do and improve public service. Additionally, Western Leaders Network aims to inspire – by standing together, we are encouraging the next generation to run for office. Public service is a rewarding and noble profession.

Western Leaders Network is a non-partisan, non-profit organization. There are no membership dues, but we accept individual contributions to support the network.

If you would like to combine forces with us, please return the attached form and we will be in contact. We appreciate your consideration.

Gwen Lachelt, La Plata County Commissioner, Colorado

Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner, Colorado

Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk, former Ute Mountain Tribal Councilor

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