2/23: methane waste rule

Federal court overturns Trump administration's delay of BLM methane waste rule

Western Leaders Network statement on federal court ruling against methane waste rule delay

Letter from Mayor of Durango to U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton and Senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner supporting methane rule


2/12: methane waste rule

Western Leaders Network statement on proposal to repeal BLM methane waste rule


1/16: national monuments

BLM launches effort on new management plans for Grand Staircase, Bears Ears

Western Leaders Network statement on BLM announcement to proceed with new management plans


1/2: greater sage-grouse protection

Revised BLM policy loosens restrictions on oil and gas development in sage-grouse habitat

BLM: Instruction Memorandum 


12/14: EPA budget

Why we need EPA funding: Western Leaders explain the importance of EPA funding to local communities


12/7: methane waste rule

Bureau of Land Management finalizes delay of requirements within its methane waste rule

Western Leaders Network issues statement on methane rule delay

Western Leaders Network methane factsheet


11/30: national monuments

Western Leaders Network holds press conference on economic importance of national monuments


11/6: methane waste rule

Western Leaders Network's Nov. 6 , 2017 letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke


10/27: National monuments review

Washington Post -- "Trump says he will shrink Bears Ears National Monument, a sacred tribal site in Utah" 



Western Leaders Network report: federal funding for sage-grouse management benefits Western states


10/4: methane waste rule

Western Leaders Network statement on Trump administration’s one-year stay of BLM methane waste rule


9/28: greater sage-grouse protection

New York Times -- "Interior Department to overhaul Obama's sage-grouse protection plan" 

Western Leaders Network statement on Interior's intended overhaul of sage-grouse management plans


9/22: greater sage-grouse protection

Western Leaders Network's Sept. 22, 2017 letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke


9/21: National monuments review

E&E News -- "Analysis points out what Zinke failed to tell Trump"

The Durango Herald -- "Lopez-Whiteskunk: Washing away gains of Bears Ears" 


9/18/17: national monuments review

Washington Post -- "Shrink at least four monuments and modify a half dozen others, Zinke tells Trump"

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's memorandum on national monuments 


8/24/17: national monuments review

Western Leaders Network's Aug. 24, 2017 letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

The Department of the Interior releases summary report on national monuments

Boulder Daily Camera -- "Boulder Native American advocates, environmentalists riled by details-free report on national monuments"


6/22/17: news coverage of western leaders network

The Durango Telegraph -- "Take me to your leaders - county commissioner creates new nonprofit, bringing the elected West together"


6/12/17: Bears ears national monument

Western Leaders Network issues statement on Secretary Zinke's Bears Ears report

Secretary Zinke's interim Bears Ears report


6/5/17: methane and air pollution

The Hill -- Greens sue EPA over paused Obama methane pollution regulation


5/23/17: national monuments

County commissioners sign letter to Zinke supporting Colorado public lands


5/19/17: methane waste rule

Western Leaders Network response to Denver Post editorial regarding Sen. Gardner methane vote


5/10/17: methane waste rule

News coverage of Methane Waste Rule vote:

New York Times -- "In win for environmentalists, Senate keeps an Obama-era climate change rule

Press conference on BLM methane waste rule



Western Leaders Network statement on protecting Bears Ears and national monuments



Western Leaders Network's April 26, 2017 letter to Congress

News coverage of Methane Waste Rule letter:

Albuquerque Journal -- guest column, "Senate should save methane rule"

Pueblo Chieftain -- guest column, "BLM methane rule needs to stay in effect"

NPR -- "Inside the debate over repealing curbs on methane leaks"

E&E News -- "Repeal of BLM methane rule will pass Senate -- Barrasso"

Politico, Morning Energy -- "Barrasso eyes methane vote 'next week'"


3/21/17: Methane Waste Rule

Repeal of Methane Waste Rule Stalls – The Hill, March 21, 2017

Conservation Economics Institute review of arguments against methane waste rule

News Release: Western Elected Officials Call on Senate to Defend BLM Methane Waste Rule

Western Leaders Network's letter to Congress

News coverage of Methane Waste Rule letter:

Denver Business Journal – "Officials from Colorado, other states oppose moves to roll back federal methane rule"

E&E News Greenwire – "Western local leaders urge Senate not to kill methane rule"

Editorials supporting methane waste rule:

Latest news on methane waste rule:

Waste is not conservative. That is why conservative presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan made fighting waste a priority. Both presidents believed that conservation was essential to keeping America strong.

Anyone who cares about conserving the gifts of God's creation, responsible fiscal stewardship, public health and climate change should know this is a moral issue of national concern. The rule requires oil and gas operations on public and tribal lands to conserve methane, which is the primary ingredient in natural gas. The rule requires companies to use proven technologies to plug leaks and capture excess methane to sell it, instead of vent and flare it irretrievably into the atmosphere.